Silingardi and Silboard two realities that together can produce a complete range of products able to satisfy every type of demand in the world of packaging.


Company specialized in responding comprehensively to the demands of the industrial market:
• PALLETS (new and used) traditional, standard Epal, custom-made etc.
• SERVICE PACKAGING/STOWING, for special requirements, performed on site or at the company's headquarters, and using APPROPRIATE MEANS AND SPECIALIZED LABOR

A cutting edge PRODUCTION, reliable, guaranteed and the highest quality:
• PRODUCTION LINES owned and directly managed by the property.
• FUMIGATION.PLANT INTERNAL From March 2012, the Silingardi Srl is in fact authorized entity to the certification FITOK ISPM 15.

INTERNAL DESIGN competent and specific: practical solutions, innovative, in line with the now well-founded need for research of not disregard the principle of sustainability.


Company specialized in the production of wooden boxes for all needs. The expression of packaging in its most extensive and complete meaning.
The strictly executive part of the PRODUCTION is entrusted to SILINGARDI SRL, key aspect that ensures the same quality, reliability and modernity of the company described above..

A PRODUCTION ranging "From the bottle of wine to the work of art."
• TRADITIONAL WOODEN BOXES (variable shapes and sizes)
• WOODEN FOLDING BOXES (exclusive patent box SILIBOX)
• ORIGINAL PATENTS designed to TRANSPORT/DISPLAY/PACKING of bottles and food

Silboard shows a constant commitment in researching the ideal container, pays continuous attention in order to create a packaging that is appropriate and relevant depending on the commercial sector with which has to deal and interact.
Enology, gastronomy, gifts, design, art and more ...
Worlds to discover and "dress" in the most faithful and appropriate way.



In 1954 Oreste Silingardi, tenacious man of great entrepreneurial spirit, founded the Silingardi, a small family business that immediately reveals a great potential.

When at the pragmatic and effective ability of the founder joins the inventiveness of his son Nando, (always supported by the irreplaceable contribution of his wife Leda) Silingardi is enriched by an unique and exclusive product:

The patent licensed Silibox, a wooden box fully collapsible.

Patent whose value is immediately clear to Alberto and Andrea (Nando’s sons).

La storia
Alberto creative and dreamer, main designing mind. He loves the forefront of production and for nothing in the world would renounce to the feelings of directly participate to the emergence of a product.

Andrea lively, enterprising, forward looking, always attentive to the needs of the user. Featuring an open mind, able to grasp and implement the changes and experiments required to follow a constantly changing world. Roberto at his side, longtime friend of the family, thanks to a long and proven experience in business, he makes a significant contribution by channeling all the energy in the right direction.

To meet market demand increasingly challenging, exigent and diversified, the company splits into two.

The Silingardi oriented towards satisfying the demands of the industrial market.
The Silboard, at the start mainly linked to the sector "wooden containers for bottles", it is now able to provide packaging for any type of requirement and need.

Perfect blend of tradition and innovation SILINGARDI SRL and SILBOARD SRL represent today an indisputable point of reference in the world of packaging.

But also SOCIAL COMMITMENT: since 2003 in fact they collaborate with the prison of Monza; for over ten years detainees have been learning to build Silingardi and Silboard boxes. The intent is to transform detention into an opportunity for growth, a real investment for a better future society.

The traditional wooden box owes its name to the birth of this project. “Xdono” box, where the "forgiveness" is not a static point of arrival but a push to restart: learn a job to optimize and facilitate the detainees reintegration into society.