Silboard exclusive distributor for Silingardi.
Wooden boxes and packaging for every purpose.

Robust or fragile, large or small, cheap or precious, great distances or short journeys,
The same care for each kind of content.

Professional manufacturers of wooden packaging.

Highest quality solutions for the shipment of machinery, plants, materials and artifacts of any sizes and weight. Packaging suitable for land, maritime and air shipments.


Packaging is an indispensable tool to circulate safely in time and space the products we consume, to transfer the information related to the product, how it is used, its benefits and its constraints. Artfully crafted, it becomes a powerful medium, an expression of the values and vision of your enterprise and an effective weapon of “seduction”.


Wood, our raw material:
ecological, versatile and recyclable

Wood: durable and sustainable. An ancient material of remarkable beauty with an environmental impact far less than other materials.

The wood reproduces naturally, with sunlight, water and air; it is 100% hygienic and biodegradable.

Wood waste can be recovered, recycled and reused.

Many people mistakenly think that paper is the ultimate recycling material. In fact, about 20% of the material is discarded with each life cycle.


The wood is recycled completely and as many times as you want!