The Folding box,

Silibox “CLASSIC”, harmony of contrasts.

Material: birch plywood

Coloring: water-based colours

Branding techniques: Screen Printing, Heat Impression Printing, Laser Engraving, Digital Printing

SILIBOX, the environmentally friendly packaging, takes on a new look.

Silibox, our line of folding wooden boxes, is enriched with a new version: Silibox“CLASSIC”.


The edges disappear , the design becomes essential to give shape to Silibox “CLASSIC”, the packaging for those who love classicism but do not want to give up the freshness of the contemporary.


A box that is inspired by the Contemporary Classic, a style that marks the perfect match between the essentiality of current forms and classic elegance, a clever and well-finished mix of modern minimalism and traditional look.

Silibox “CLASSIC” is the box with a clean and linear style that remains modern despite the changeability and the vagaries of fashion.
The elegant classic references, which recall shapes and figures with a timeless charm, are contextualized in lines and geometries that enhance their beauty. All without weighing down the box, but making it iconic and at the same time practical and usable.


The double thickness finish identifies Silibox “CLASSIC” as the ideal packaging for the protection and wrapping of the contents; the clean lines make storage methods even simpler and more functional.
Functionality, versatility, robustness, elegance are the watchwords to always keep in mind, as well as harmony and symmetry, to create a package defined in every detail.


Silibox “CLASSIC” is sobriety without exaggeration and without excessive affectation, just as modern style desires. A perfect combination of refinement and essentiality, all supported by an always high quality level.

Finishing and customization

  • Total, partial or angular water coloring
  • Slatted work on the entire surface of the case
  • Thanks to the predisposition with holes, the typical closure with interlocking lid can be originally enhanced by fabric straps, ribbons, twine or any other device on request
  • Branding techniques: Screen Printing, Heat Impression Printing, Laser Engraving, Digital Printing

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