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Corporate sustainability,
our challenge
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Custom wooden packaging is the solution that preserves the safety of articles that differ from the norm in shape or size.
The choice of a package is conveyed by: destination, product characteristics (weight, layout, fragility) and method of transport.

Land Transport

Sea Transport

Air Transport

High quality solutions
or the shipment of machinery,
plants, materials and products
of all sizes and weights.

Silingardi, the professionals of wood packaging, for years alongside the industrial clientele. Thanks to a highly qualified staff and the availability of cutting-edge machinery, we are able to develop strategies for packaging and handling any type of goods. Packaging suitable for land, maritime and air shipments.

Corporate Sustainability

A company is sustainable if it manages to integrate three different concepts of sustainability into its processes: Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability, Economic Sustainability.

That is when it applies the 3P paradigm – Planet, People and Profit – theorized, for the first time, in 1994 by John Elkington. Environmental dimension (Planet); producing minimizing the maximum environmental impact.

  1. Social dimension (People); act in full respect of society and people, building virtuous paths of social responsibility.
  2. Social dimension (People); act in full respect of society and people, building virtuous paths of social responsibility.
  3. Economic and financial dimension (Profit); do all this while maintaining a healthy economic structure.
  • Over 65 years of technical and design experience.
  • Entire production cycle internal to the company.
  • State-of-the-art machinery.
  • Only top quality materials.
  • Highly trained tradesmen.
  • Certified eco / social commitment.
  • SOS packaging: shipment at the last moment? Contact us, we'll take care of the quick and safe packaging.

Wooden Boxes

The solid and robust packaging for all needs.

Wooden Crates

Economic and quality packaging alternative.

The ideal solution for the most robust products.

the removable case

The robust case with quick and easy functionality.


Handling on 2 or 4 sides.

Customizable by capacity.

Fast, effective, practical and decisive assistance.

Looking for
wooden packaging?

The weight of your product, the country where you have to ship it, consult us for a customized quote.


Rely on our experience to create your ideal packaging.