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Simply perfect!

At the extraordinary practicality of the box "total clips", SEMPLICE® combines an anchoring system at the bottom / pallet practical, exclusive and immediate. SEMPLICE® becomes the industrial wooden box more versatile on the market.

SEMPLICE® is completely designed, cut and customized within our company, this allows us to meet any customer's request.

We have also developed several types of clips, from traditional in stainless to the most innovative in plastic material: durable, colorful and indestructible.

  • Warehouse: a less bulky storage.
  • Packaging: less mounting clip. Quicker and cheaper.
  • Reuse: virtually unlimited.
  • Shipping: security and resistance greater than a traditional box.
  • 100% Made in Italy.

CERTIFIED: Built In compliance with the criteria of "no solid wood declaration" Simple can be shipped to all countries that require FITOK certification.