The solid and reliable support for your goods.

Material: wood

Type: standard and customized

Wooden platforms for the handling and storage of products.

The pallet is a platform for handling goods, through specific vehicles (forklifts and pallet trucks), for their transport and storage.

The components that characterize the pallet, according to the reference standard UNI EN ISO 445, are the presence of planes, joined by joists and blocks that act as thickness and allow the passage of forks of elevators.

The blocks are connected to the planks of the plane by crossbars arranged perpendicularly. A pallet is also characterized by bevels of invitation to facilitate the passage of forks, forklift compartment, fins for crane lifting, and edges, protrusions of the top to retain the load.

In addition to standard types and sizes, we produce the pallet according to specific customer requirements. Our technical department, realizes projects that take into account the economy of the product and any special needs of packaging and handling goods.