Bottle racks and baskets

The straightforward, dynamic and practical packaging.

Protection and visibility for immediate communication with the recipient.

Material: wood

Wood species: solid fir and pine, birch plywood

Coloring: water-based colours

Branding techniques: Screen Printing, Heat Impression Printing, Laser Engraving, Digital Printing

TAXI, bottles on the move with great personality.

Multifunction: TAXI is a dynamic and informal bottle holder that adapts to multiple uses. Display, original gift box, furniture element, communication vehicle and much more.


Immediate: few elements that, in an instant and easily, give shape to an object rich in personality and freshness. The simple packaging that does not leave out attention and care for the product to contain.


Style in lightness: TAXI is small, practical and accessible but with enormous potential. Versatile par excellence, it is the perfect tool for different kinds of customization.


Transparent: thanks to the quality of “transparency”, it establishes a relationship of trust with the recipient. It speaks of its own content without distortion, it becomes the ideal carrier of direct communication, immediately understandable and unequivocal.


Messenger: properly customized, TAXI becomes an effective communication and marketing tool; because TAXI never interrupts its journey, stops a bit and then starts again, always ready to be reused in its many facets.

FLEXIBLE, choose the TAXI that best "suits" you

  • Size: bordeaux, burgundy, champagne, beer... the right place for every type of bottle
  • Shape: the supporting sides of the structure are suitable to be designed with the possibility of creating original and unique shapes
  • Colouring: water-based colours, total or partial
  • Graphics: every single element of the TAXI lends itself to graphic customization with Screen Printing, Heat Impression Printing, Laser Engraving, Digital Printing