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The wooden boxe
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Silboard, wooden packaging of all shapes and sizes.
Rely on our experience to make your ideal packaging. Birch, pine, fir, oak, the right wood species for every box.
The production, located in our factory, makes use of modern high-precision machinery. The finishes, executed by hand, are entrusted to highly specialized labor.

P.S. We give concrete value to kindness and friendliness!


cassette in legno enologia vino vini birra spirits

Boxes for food and wine

The packaging that gives discreet emphasis and protection to the content in respect of its qualities, fragility and functions.

scatole in legno imballi per regali regalistica

Wooden packaging for gifts

The packaging that becomes part of the gift itself. It reflects the object that it represents and the emotions you want to communicate.

imballi in legno promozionale pubblicità

Promotional wooden boxes

The packaging that conquers at first glance, the packaging that guarantees the best information, the useful and necessary one.

Wood, a raw material alive and unique:
natural beauty, easy to work,
ecological and recyclable

• Silboard, a reference company for the design and manufacture of wooden packaging. 100% Made in Italy.

•  Over 60 years of experience and commitment with the aim of giving concrete form to the customer’s ideas.

•  Wide selection of wood species to meet every need (birch, pine, fir, oak).

•  Entire production cycle within the company.

•  Synergistic action between modern high precision machinery and highly specialized labor.


the Folding Box

The self-supporting wooden box.

Small footprint, easy to assemble without nails or glues.

The packaging that cuts shipping and storage costs.

the Traditional Box

The beauty of classicism.
Simple lines, timeless style.

Furnishing Displays

Using a good exhibition strategy can make a difference.

A custom display is about you!

the Traditional Box

The beauty of classicism.
Simple lines, timeless style.

Bottle Holder
and Baskets

TAXI is the straightforward, dynamic and practical packaging.

Protection and visibility for immediate communication with the recipient.


The art of wooden packaging.

Tailor-made creations to give concrete form to “your ideas”.

Are you looking for a custom wooden box?

Silk-screen, hot, laser and digital printing.

A customized graphic style captures interest and communicates more effectively.

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