SILIBOX, the Folding Box

The self-supporting packaging. Immediately ready, without nails or glues.

Material: birch plywood

Coloring: water-based colours

Branding techniques: Screen Printing, Heat Impression Printing, Laser Engraving, Digital Printing

SILIBOX, our folding wooden box.

UNIQUE, SILIBOX is a fully foldable wooden case. Quality, practicality and style of Silboard products are combined in SILIBOX with the basic concept of minimum encumbrance. SILIBOX is the ideal packaging which, compared to a traditional box, reduces the overall dimensions by 80%. The easy and immediate answer to reduce the increasingly high transport and storage costs.
An example? With SILIBOX it is possible to stack 500 boxes of six bottles of wine on a single PALLET of 120×80 cm.


RESPONSIBLE PACKAGING, Silibox is the wooden packaging that protects the environment. It can be assembled and disassembled in a few moves without the aid of glues or nails. It is the packaging that, easy to reinvent by creating new original functions of use, can be reused over and over again.


GLOBAL, distances are “shortened”, commercial borders are widened, opportunities arise to conquer new and remote market realities. SILIBOX was born to cross every border. Built in compliance with the criteria of the “No Solid Wood” Declaration, Silibox can be shipped in all states that require FITOK certification.


SOLID, Silibox has a proven solidity. Laboratory tested with mechanical stresses typical of express courier transport.


EXPRESSIVE AND CONTEMPORARY, SILIBOX transforms the simple casing into a unique and original communication vehicle. It is the packaging that can transmit and share emotions. A container that becomes the immediate tale of stories, places and people.

Finishing and customization

  • Total, partial or angular water coloring
  • Slatted processing on the entire surface of the case
  • Thanks to the predisposition with specific holes, the typical closure with interlocking lid can be originally enhanced by fabric straps, ribbons, twine or any other arrangement on request
  • Branding techniques: Screen Printing, Heat Impression Printing, Laser Engraving, Digital Printing

Customize your Silibox online

Add your logo, decorations, lettering and change color to create a custom wooden box