Special projects

The art of wooden packaging. Experience and creativity to give shape to your ideas.

Material: wood

Wood species: fir and solid pine, birch plywood, oak (on request)

Colorazione: water-based colours

Branding techniques: Screen Printing, Heat Impression Printing, Laser Engraving, Digital Printing

Tailor-made packaging: concrete development of "your ideas".

The main function of packaging is definitely to wrap and to protect the product. Today, however, packaging assumes other important functions, ranging from information to aesthetics. Packaging must meet certain specific objectives: communicating, attracting and selling.


In product categories that offer increasingly similar products, packaging makes the difference in the selling phase. In order to differentiate, elements to consider are the color, the shape, the material and all that can contribute to embellish the content, increasing its value in the eyes of the consumer.


Wood is a living material. The many facets of its grains and shades make each product unique. It is a timeless material, always relevant. Versatile by nature, it is suitable to be integrated in any context: antique/ modern, dynamic/ formal, simple/ elegant.


The Special Projects section comes from our great passion for this material. Experience and creativity are at your disposal to give a concrete shape to your ideas.


WE are at your side to make packages that, with a simple glance, create immediate emotional communication.

Creativity, one of our strengths.

  • Practical and light WOODEN SUPPORTS or BOXES whose BOTTOM turns into a practical CUTTING BOARD.
  • A CHEST inside which to embrace and show your own "treasure" or immediate and original, in shape and size, open display ... "a meter of beer".
  • The COLONNA, our idea of a wooden case that develops vertically; nice and different is the perfect product for multiple options of original REUSE.
  • WOODEN CAGES that vary in shape and size to accommodate from a WHEEL OF PARMIGIANO to BOTTLES OF ANY KIND.