The most appropriate packaging solution for every customer’s need.

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Planning and consultancy

Each package is custom designed taking into consideration

  • Product characteristics.
  • Problems of packaging capacity.
  • Shipping method.
  • Storage of goods.
  • Protection from atmospheric agents.
  • Prevention of damage due to accidental impacts.

Logistics and Packaging

Packaging in our logistics center

Ideal service for industrial groups that use our center to convey their products before shipping. We also  load goods on containers. We offer the possibility of using our warehouse on a temporary or prolonged basis, making management costs as flexible as possible.

On-site packaging

To meet the needs of our customers we have developed an assembly and packaging service with expert staff directly on the customer’s site. In this way we are able to reduce the times related to shipping and handling of goods.

Complete packaging service

A complete packaging service where the goods are packaged with all the necessary accessories.


Coupled barrier

The best protection from atmospheric agents. The coupled barrier totally isolates the goods from moisture, preventing damage, especially in the electronic or mechanical parts. The products are vacuum-sealed and dehydrating salts are inserted in order to create a dry environment.

Dehydrating salts

Necessary to create a dry environment inside the barrier bags and packaging. They protect your goods from moisture, recommended to protect the electrical and mechanical parts.


VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors)

A high-tech chemical compound that forms an invisible mono-molecular layer of protective ions on the metal surface. It provides complete surface corrosion protection for ferrous metals, red metals and alloys.

Fireproof protections with high tear resistance.

Shrink wrap
The professional film that, in a single product, manages to combine the dual anti-corrosion and anti-UV function. Safe, non-toxic, recyclable.


Laminations are ideal for additional protection for shipments via flat rack containers. The lid, with this system, is reinforced to withstand shocks and atmospheric agents.

Bubble wrap

An excellent solution to protect the material in the packaging from shock and scratches.

Extensible film

To delimit the goods on pallets and also guarantee protection from scratches.

Strapping band

To securely lock the goods.

Tie Rods

Ideal locking system for large crates on trucks or flat containers.