Wooden Boxes

The total packaging, guarantee of maximum protection.

Material: wood

Branding techniques: Screen Printing

Wooden case, ship safely.

The highest degree of product protection is given by the case. Sturdy and inviolable, it represents a real shield during transport and storage. Closed wooden walls and/or panels provide effective protection even in case of mechanical transport accidents. The physical barrier of the box, protects the contents from being affected by light, oxidation and, with the help of barrier bag or VCI, saltiness. In the absence of specifications provided by the customer, it will be sufficient for us to know the weight and layout of the product to design the most suitable case for your needs.

The range of choice is very wide:

  • Shipping wooden boxes for large plants with CNC machined internal shapes
  • Smaller cases for small components
  • Ultra-light and inspectable solutions for air transport
  • Reusable boxes (SEMPLICE and + SEMPLICE) for those who want to give more “lives” to their packaging